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Here at Blockaid Ltd, we are dedicated to delivering the very best household drainage services. Our experienced team can quickly identify any and all issues with your drainage system. Whether you’re struggling to identify the location of a serious blockage or you suspect a drain pipe has cracked or become unusable, we are here for you.

Our drainage engineers can eliminate any and all kinds of drainage issues you might encounter. Thanks to our domestic CCTV drain surveys, we can identify the cause of your drainage difficulties. If left untreated, even the most minor of issues can quickly become more serious.

As part of our domestic drainage treatments, we’re able to deliver a wide range of essential services for your home. Just some of the services that we can provide and the issues that we can deal with include:

Blocked Toilets

Thanks to our team’s experience, we can deal with all kinds of blocked toilets. Whether the blockage is due to human waste, or unsuitable waste, we are here for you. In some cases, a blocked toilet can be a symptom of something seriously wrong with your drains. Thanks to our experience and industry-leading equipment, we can deal with domestic blockages of all kinds.

Drain Cleaning

One of our most popular services for homes across Manchester and the North-West is our drain cleaning services. We can completely clean both simple and complex drainage systems of all waste. Using high-pressure water-jetting, we can ensure that all waste and blockages from within your system is destroyed. Thanks to drain cleaning services, you’ll be able to enjoy free-running and reliable drainage in your home.

Drainage Repairs

Our experienced team can also provide drainage repairs for a wide range of domestic systems. Whether your drainage system has suffered injury due to misuse, wear and tear, nearby groundworks or even tree root intrusion, we are here for you. Our experienced team work to repair or replace drainage systems and individual pipes of all kinds.

Blocked Drains

If any part of your drainage system has become blocked, you could suffer issues across your entire property. Blockages could cause your entire system to stop working or cause a range of serious issues throughout your drains. It is common, for example, for blocked drains to cause pipes to burst, collapse or become unusable. Thanks to our specialist services, we can resolve all blocked drains.

Blocked Sinks

If you’re struggling with blocked sinks, we are here for you. We can completely clear your drainage system of all blockages to ensure that your sinks continue to operate as they should. Thanks to our sink unblocking, you’ll be able to use sinks without worrying about flooding, unpleasant smells or irritating noises. We can clear blocked sinks of all kinds of waste, including fats, oils and greases (FOG waste).

Domestic CCTV Surveys

One of our more popular services is our domestic CCTV drain surveys. We can identify serious problems throughout your system, including blockages, loose connections and more. Thanks to domestic CCTV drain surveys, you’ll be able to understand what is wrong with your system and the best way of repairing them. We can also provide home buyer’s drain surveys in Manchester and the surrounding areas.


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Drains look brand new again.

Drains look brand new again. Would highly recommend Block Aid Ltd to anyone.

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Stagecoach UK

Excellent service! Will continue to

Excellent service! Will continue to use their services. 5 Stars.

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