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Blockaid Ltd can deliver and install non-return drain valves in homes and businesses across the North-West. For Water and Rodent Non-Return Valves in Manchester and the surrounding areas, call our team today!

Non-Return Drainage Valves

Rodent Prevention | Property Protection

Vermin and rodent infestations can cause serious problems to your drains. These pests can set up nests in your drainage system and use your pipes for free and easy access to your home. If you’re worried about rats and other vermin using your drainpipes, vermin stoppers are essential. These non-return drain valves are specifically designed to prevent rats from moving through your drains.

Thanks to their unique design, non-return drain valves allow water and waste to pass through with absolutely no issues. These valves are hard-wearing, reliable pieces of equipment which will deliver many years of service. For more information, or to equip your property with industry-leading Buffalo Vermin Stopper devices and non-return valves, get in touch with Blockaid Ltd today.

Rat Blockers, Vermin Stoppers & Non-Return Valves: How Do They Work?

Here at Blockaid Ltd, the rat blockers and non-return valves that we can install are hard-wearing and reliable pieces of equipment. The presence of this valve prevents the backflow of waste and stops anything from entering your drains from the sewers or outflow point.

These non-return valves are designed to only operate one-way. That means waste, and even vermin, can use them to exit your drainage system. However, they cannot open from the other side. This prevents rodents, and even effluence, from re-entering your drains, or moving in the wrong direction through your system.

Non-return drain valves will prevent rats and other vermin from infesting your drainage system. They can also prevent other drainage issues, such as localised flooding and backwashing. Thanks to these rat blockers, you’ll be able to protect your property from all kinds of intrusion and even long-term damage.

Thanks to their design, these valves will not contribute to any blocked drains in Manchester. They allow waste and vermin to exit your property but prevent them from using your drains to enter your home or business.

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Vermin-Proof Drainage Valves

The Buffalo Vermin Stopper Devices we install are made from stainless steel. That means that, not only are they resistant to any kind of rodent attack, they are also protected against the harmful environment of your drains. As such, they will be able to deliver effective results for many years.

Cruelty-Free Rat Prevention

These Rat Blockers and Vermin Stoppers are a cruelty-free way of protecting your home or business from rat infestation. All our valves simply stop rats and other vermin from entering your property through your drains. Vermin can exit your drains easily, but will not be able to enter.

Non-Return Drainage Valves: How Easy Are They to Install?

Here at Blockaid Ltd, our team of drainage engineers can quickly install rat blockers and non-return drain valves in all kinds of systems. We can even install these pieces of equipment in pre-existing drain pipes and soil pipes to limit disruption across your home or business.

These rat blockers can be quickly and easily installed in drainage pipes which are less than 1.5m in depth. If your system is more than 1.5m in depth, our engineers may need to conduct a thorough site visit. Using CCTV survey equipment, we can understand where your non-return valve needs to be installed and how feasible the installation is.

How Much Do Rat Blockers and Vermin Stoppers Cost?

Here at Blockaid Ltd, we can provide industry-leading Buffalo Vermin Stopper Devices to prevent rodent access to your home or business. The non-return drain valves that we can install are recommended by Pest Control companies across Manchester and the north-west.

We can deliver high-quality rat blockers of all kinds which can be easily installed in your drainage system. The kind of rat blocker you will need depends on the size of your drainage pipes. Blockaid Ltd can deliver both 4” and 6” non-return drain valves to suit your needs.

4” (110mm) Rat Blockers – Only £99.99!

6” (150mm) Rat Blockers – Only £129.99!

Call Today To Order Yours!

If you want our experienced team of drainage engineers to install the blocker or blockers on your behalf, we are here for you. As standard, we charge an additional £80, on top of the equipment cost above. Our engineers can install one rat blocker, or multiple vermin stoppers to suit your needs.

For Reliable Rat Blockers, Vermin Stoppers and Non-Return Drain Valves, Call Blockaid Ltd Today

Here at Blockaid Ltd, we can help you to protect your property from rodent intrusion and rat infestation. These non-return drain valves can also prevent a range of other drainage issues, including backwashing which can cause localised flooding on your property.

For more information on the rat blockers that we install, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. You can reach our experts by calling us on 0161 273 3133. If you prefer, you can also use our simple online contact form, or email us directly at enquiries@blockaidltd.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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