Over the years, the Blockaid Ltd team has been able to deliver a complete range of services to domestic and commercial properties of all kinds. We’re able to offer comprehensive drainage solutions across Manchester and the surrounding areas. Recently, we were asked to attend a private property on Liverpool Street, Manchester. The property was suffering from unexplained issues, so our engineers carried out a thorough survey. Thanks to our CCTV drain surveys, we’ve been able to identify, and resolve, a variety of serious drainage concerns.

Here at Blockaid Ltd, we’re able to identify the cause of any drainage issues your property may be suffering from. Thanks to our industry-leading equipment, we can identify and eliminate all kinds of blockages throughout your system. Whether you’re suffering due to damaged drain pipes, unexplained issues or serious blocked drains in Manchester, we are here for you.

Liverpool Street – CCTV Drain Surveys 

When we received the call, our drainage engineers arrived on-site promptly. We reviewed the existing problems and carried out a complete CCTV drainage survey of the local system. Our technicians reviewed the general condition of the drains to understand where the issues were located.

Our CCTV drain surveys discovered that the property’s drains were leaking into the cellar, leading to flooding, damp and mould. If left untreated, this can cause long-term property damage which can be extremely difficult, and costly, to repair.

Thanks to the high-quality images we were able to obtain through our CCTV drain surveys in Manchester, we were able to quote the price for our reattendance to repair these issues. Without professional CCTV drain surveys, the damage could have been much worse before we noticed it. The longer these issues are left in-place, the more problems they can cause.

Clearing Catch Pits in Trafford Park, Manchester

Kuehne & Nagel, one of the UK’s largest distribution services, was struggling to deal with its drainage system at Trafford Park, Manchester. Blockaid’s experienced engineers arrived at the site and quickly identified overfilled catch pits. When these pits become full, they can cause unpleasant smells in the surrounding area. They can also cause the silt and debris to remain in the system, leading to blocked drains.

Once we arrived at the site, our engineers used our liquid waste management equipment to empty the catch pits of the silt and debris. This freed up the space and prevented the debris from creating any blockages throughout the system. It also allowed the interceptor trap to work as intended and capture incoming silt and debris.


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CCTV Surveys & Drain Repairs

Our engineers attended the property soon after to remove the section of the foul stack which was causing the issue. The Blockaid team fitted a rodding eye junction with a 34mm back inlet for the sink waste.

We also broke out 4 metres by 1 metre of concrete towards the rear of the property as part of the project. Once the drain repairs were complete, we replaced the affected space with MOT type 1 and re-concreted. This allows the waste to run away from the building to a nearby gulley, rather than causing the basement to flood with waste water.

Thanks to our engineers use of CCTV drain survey technology, we were able to complete the project quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Without our industry-leading equipment, the project could have taken several days, or even weeks, to identify the problem and correctly repair it.


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